The Dress

Ahhhh, the dress. It only took me, um, WEEKS (and a few mishaps) to find THE one. We knew our reception and overall design was going to be minimal and modern, but I just never fell in love with the modern dresses I was trying on. “Your dress should match the reception,” the consultants would always say. But, who cares! We’ve always done things to the beat of our own drum, and I was totally fine with finding something that didn’t necessarily “go” with our theme. I seemed to lean towards the more traditional designs. I tried on the wild and crazy, the poofs, and the dresses that lit me up like the Times Square Ball on New Years Eve – and they just weren’t me. My cousin, (whom is also my Maid of Honor), tagged along the first day as we hopped dress shops for a full day. If you know me, you know that you’ll barely ever see me in a dress – so it was a fun day trying on gowns and tiaras.

A few (ok, maybe more than a few) days hunting for the right dress, the rest of my bride tribe joined in on the fun. My bridesmaid and best friend Rachel, my mother, my grandmother, and Chris’ mom all were there on the final day. My entourage dolled me up in a veil, and it totally justified my inclination to say YES!

Hiding the dress from Chris proved to be challenging (we live in the same apartment), and he was tempted to take a peek… so off it went to my grandparent’s house for safe-keeping.

Next up, the fitting and the alterations. There’s so much pressure nowadays on being a size (or a few) smaller on your wedding day, and at first, this was my mentality… But, why such a big deal? Granted, I’m still working hard on shedding a few pounds for myself, but this whole experience has taught me something… Always love yourself and be confident in your skin, no matter what. Forget dress sizes – your wedding day is all about promising yourself to the one you love… and the one you love fell in love with you just the way you are.♥

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